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  • Barista/coffee bar
  • Hot soup bar
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Customer walk-up coolers for drinks and snacks
  • Decorative lighting
  • Outlets and other equipment wiring.
  • Customer walk-up coolers for drinks and snacks
  • Recessed lighting in strategic areas of the retail space.
Convenience Food Prep
Convenience Retail


Add beauty and dimension to a home or a business. Lighting is also an integral part of an effective security system. Consider dusk-to-dawn or motion-sensor activation.


Add visibility and ambiance to your environment. These 25-ft vaulted ceilings use reflected light off paint to help illuminate the main floor. The low-profile recessed lighting is also great for rooms with low ceilings.



Placing lights in the right position not only enhances the space but also showcases room’s architecture features light this gorgeous hanging chandelier. For this remodel we installed power upgrades, new kitchen lighting; under-cabinet lighting, recessed ceiling lights, and island outlets. A unique feature we installed is under-cabinet LED lights with the option to change colors automatically or with a remote control.

Kitchen Remodel Coffeepot
Kitchen Remodel

commercial & residential electric vehicle charger

This kitchen required lighting to brighten the cooking and eating areas. We added recessed & under-cabinet lights and directional overhead lighting. The kitchen is easily one of the most used rooms in any home and is typically the meeting point where most families create some of the best moments. Something as simple as lighting can easily inspire you and your family to fully enjoy your kitchen.

Charging station
Electrical Work for Homes
Low-voltage Lighting Services
Electrical Contractor in Thornton CO


We install and maintain a wide range of industrial controls: VFD variable speed drives, soft starts, and programmable logic controllers (PLC). A VFD and a Soft Starter are similar when it comes to ramp up or down a motor. The biggest difference is that a VFD motor has speed variations while a soft starter only controls the starting and stopping of that motor. Soft Starters are typically the most affordable, whereas a VFD is the better choice if speed control is required. However, if an existing application already has a soft starter in place then a VFD can easily replace a soft starter if speed control is required.

Con Ind Motor Control PLC
Con Ind Motor Control VFD Soft Starts
Splice Box


Pre-fabricated electrical boxes installed so that devices can easily be wired for future customers and provide easy move-in installation.


Boiler automation (flow, temperature and water flow controls) is not only easier for the operators to control the steam supply but saving small amounts of unused resources can lead to increased savings. An automated boiler system can monitor resource demand in real-time and automatically produces the exact amount of steam needed and provides an extra level of reliability, longevity, and efficiency over traditional boilers.


Commercial & Residential Chandeliers and Lighting Controls

Beautify your space with artistic lighting. With the right lighting, you can actually make your space look bigger, cleaner, and more spacious. To complete this hotel project we add had to re-engineer these commercially purchased lighting fixtures that initially provided too little output to adequately light the banquet room space. We were able to save the day and the customer’s investment.

Chandelier Single Square
Chandelier BigRoom

LED recessed lighting and a new pendant fixtures

All-new LED recessed lighting and a new pendant fixture over the sink. All-new LED under-cabinet lighting. Moved over to the center of the wall and added a new exhaust hood. After the removal of a wall to open up the kitchen floor plan, we installed all new LED recessed lighting, pendant lights, LED under-cabinet lighting, and on the new island, we installed a microwave oven. We moved the refrigerator from the far corner to be closer to the center of the kitchen for easier accessibility. We also added a separate wine refrigerator.

Tri M Kitchen left
Tri M Kitchen Right

custom safety and warehouse lighting.

Warehouses are often the largest interior and exterior spaces of any business and typically require a lot of energy to safely provide the lighting needed for a conducive work environment. LED lamps typically benefit warehouse-type applications by cutting energy costs and create highly efficient workspaces. High-quality, long-lasting light bulbs are paramount to those workspaces.

Safelt Light

Green Valley Ranch Pool Expansion Project

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